Sustainability policy

Promoting the growth of our company while positively contributing to the environmental preservation of our planet.

At Granuplast, the sustainability risk management policy is ingrained in the very DNA of the company. We believe that industrial prosperity and environmental preservation can and should go hand in hand.

Circular approach
Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our circular approach to production. By regenerating HDPE and PP plastics, we create new products while reducing waste and the extraction of natural and fossil resources. Each pellet we produce contributes to energy savings, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, and also enhances our trade balance by reducing imports of virgin resin and our reliance on oil.
Minimizing our environmental footprint
Furthermore, we constantly strive to enhance our processes to minimize our environmental footprint. This includes reducing our energy consumption, reusing water in our production processes, and optimizing our operations to minimize waste.
For a sustainable future
We are convinced that by making informed and sustainable decisions, we can promote the growth of our company while positively contributing to the future of our planet. At Granuplast, we are committed to being part of the solution for a sustainable future.
Circular economy

At Granuplast, the environment is at the core of our actions and concerns.

Circular economy

We firmly believe that preserving our planet requires an integrated approach that combines industrial innovation with the circular economy.

Production and resource optimization
The circular economy aims to minimize waste and maximize resource reuse. This approach is integrated into every step of our production process. By recycling HDPE and PP plastics, we not only reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills and our environment, but also minimize our dependence on fossil resources. This translates to a more efficient use of resources and less energy required for production.
Our global commitment
This commitment to the circular economy is not confined to our production process alone. It extends to every aspect of our company. By embracing the circular economy, we are working to transform the plastics industry and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.
Recycling and waste reduction

Comprehensive waste valorization: recycling and reduction at granuplast

Dual waste management

At Granuplast, our waste management approach is twofold: recycling and reduction. We view waste not as an inevitable consequence of our lifestyle, but as a valuable resource to harness.

Our commitment to recycling and waste reduction is part of a broader vision of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We believe that by rethinking our relationship with waste, we can establish a sustainable economy of goods and services production by minimizing resource consumption, waste generation, and waste production.

HDPE and PP recycling: maximum valorization
Our recycling process transforms HDPE and PP plastic waste into high-purity granules of exceptional quality. This recycling offers a dual advantage. It diverts waste from landfill sites, where it can persist for centuries, and reduces our need for virgin raw materials, thus conserving natural and fossil resources.
Internal waste reduction
Simultaneously, we strive to minimize waste production within our own operations. Through our automated process and technologically advanced sorting systems, we maximize the efficiency of transforming waste into granules, thereby minimizing the amount of residual waste. We also practice responsible industrial and tertiary waste management, redirecting the small quantity of waste generated by our activities to other valorization channels.
Standards and certifications

Commitment to excellence while preserving the environment

Commitment to excellence

Granuplast adheres to the strictest international standards to ensure operations that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. We take pride in obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications from the very outset of our operations.

These certifications are more than just badges. They represent our ongoing commitment to deliver exceptional quality while preserving the environment.

ISO 9001
This standard defines the criteria for a quality management system. It is based on several quality principles, including strong customer focus, leadership commitment, process approach, and continuous improvement. By adhering to ISO 9001 guidelines, we ensure a consistent delivery of superior products and services to our customers.
ISO 14001
This standard provides the framework for an effective environmental management system. It applies to any organization keen on responsibly managing its environmental impact. In alignment with ISO 14001, we take measures to minimize our environmental impact and continually work to improve our environmental performance.
Granuplast is currently pursuing EuCertPlast certification, a program designed to encourage and standardize an environmentally friendly plastic recycling process. It emphasizes the traceability of plastic materials throughout the recycling process and supply chain, as well as the quality of recycled content in the final product.

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